Friday, April 15, 2011

Falling Down

Why she goes back there I will never understand,
Torment from generations never learning from their past all converge within.
She says they will learn the error if she is patient and compassionate,
All they learn is that she will never be out of their grasp.
When she walks away, she repents as soon as regret enters her mind,
They sit waiting with smiles, on her return smiles sneak behind sobs of triumph.
She sees none of this in her unencumbered loyalty to kindred blood,
Pain will show her all the mistakes she has made if an outside voice cannot help.
Will her other half be the source of strength and guidance out of this life imprisonment,
Or will she succumb to her past of undignified service to those that have no value for her?
The crackled static of a phone never answered shall show her true path,
To either those who have caused her the pain or those who would have it ended for all eternity.

"Panthera uncia"

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