Monday, July 11, 2011

There's a fire,

Burning in my heart,
Split through the center,
But never breaking apart.
Two lovers find me charming to their dreams,
I know that I am wrong but satisfy each to no end.
Will they find out, my love is split in half?
Will they realize that they alone can't satisfy?
I know that it's not, completely true.
I love one of them but I still need two.
Personality and a love a kin to mine,
Then there's the body that can't release my mind.
Good on the one shoulder,
Evil on the other.
For now the good is keeping me, on the straight and narrow,
Who can see, what the evil has in store for tomorrow.

"Crotalus horridus"

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The End

I keep falling with every step I take,
Falling to a pit that seems to never answer,
Answer with a sound that marks an oasis,
Answer with a report to conclude any anguish,
I scream things unknown to myself,
Words that have meaning only to the world,
Hope fills me that one may respond,
This hope dies as soon as it is created,
I know no one can see me,
I know no one can hear me,
This pit encloses everything with no spare to be seen,
I cannot see up nor down as each has no relevance,
Alone as I ever wanted to be,
Alone as I never thought I could be,
I now regret everything..

"Urocyon cinereoargenteus"

Friday, April 15, 2011

Falling Down

Why she goes back there I will never understand,
Torment from generations never learning from their past all converge within.
She says they will learn the error if she is patient and compassionate,
All they learn is that she will never be out of their grasp.
When she walks away, she repents as soon as regret enters her mind,
They sit waiting with smiles, on her return smiles sneak behind sobs of triumph.
She sees none of this in her unencumbered loyalty to kindred blood,
Pain will show her all the mistakes she has made if an outside voice cannot help.
Will her other half be the source of strength and guidance out of this life imprisonment,
Or will she succumb to her past of undignified service to those that have no value for her?
The crackled static of a phone never answered shall show her true path,
To either those who have caused her the pain or those who would have it ended for all eternity.

"Panthera uncia"

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Flames abound with reason unknown,
Reaching for life to spark new thoughts.
Every glimmer brings meaning,
Each burn shows the truth.
As time moves on the torch may whither,
Before it dwindles, it will grow to show all might.
With power displayed at true force the end will come,
As strength repeals new form will be born.
The next cycle may be the right one,
The next cycle may be the last one.

"Lithobates pipiens"

Friday, April 8, 2011


Rage ensues.
No competent knowledge of origin.
All beliefs are misconstrued by hatred.
I can't find meaning behind anything.
Rage develops.
Anger is bleeding from every pore.
Every action not of self causes turmoil.
The river wade within surges with fire.
What care should there be?
I find none.
Something needs to break the barrier.
All prior entries have collapsed.
Will the door ever be open for good?
Should it be?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I call upon an entity without knowledge of need,
My path is shown leading through the swaying reed.
Water consumes all fear as trembling steps advance,
All thoughts erase from mind in ripple induced trance.
How can I learn from a natural wonder,
The winds grow stronger, whispers of dragging asunder.
I see no choices as I travel this blank slate, an unconscious state,
Life takes me where it must, with guidance of angelic fate.

"Zenaida macroura"

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I See

The light in every dark vision,
The adoration in every coupled unison,
The pain with every separation,
The glory in every generation,
The joy of every new nation,
The love within every creation,
The envy in every jubilation,
The intense fight wrought forth from every life in degradation.

"Vulpes vulpes"


Every thought makes an action. Be it internal or external. Somewhere an action is planted. As simple as "the remote is to my left" could lead to an action days from now when the time to retrieve it arises. Bigger thoughts obviously therefore lead to bigger actions. Such as, "all my money is gone and I need to get food". This leads to the chain of actions that start with the gathering of what one is good at, what one might do to get money, where one should go to get money, how one should pursue the money. And the final, most important action, what food one should buy with the money.

All this means little else besides, think before you act. That's the only way to live.

"Phrynosoma platyrhinos calidiarum"

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I need to find the motivation to make all the different meals that I have stored in my mind and on the computer. Thank you DwB for giving me some motivation. Just need to get her to chip in on the costs. At this rate I'll become a chef within a year or so. Alas, it is getting costly. That is the price of happiness and health I guess. I'm glad she is in my life. I've needed someone like her in my life. The end.

"Rosa xanthina"

Friday, March 18, 2011

I think I saw you in my sleep. Darling.

Time drifts without sides clear mark,
Bringing new challenges, goals, and victories.
Each day begins differently than it ends,
Night merely resetting the mind for better and worse.
Will time ever stop this cycle,
Or will eternity be spent creating and destroying?
There must be a point to everything that happens,
Without a point chaos would be the ruler of mankind.
Then again chaos is shown every day,
Focused upon as though there is no other way.
That seems a pessimistic thing to say,
Though it could be optimism hidden in shades of grey.
Perhaps mankind emphasizes the bad in order to fix it,
Regardless of meaning it shows man to have a goal.
Destruction or Reclamation.
I hope it is the latter.
I feel it is the former.

'Cryptobranchus alleganiensis'

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Who are we to speak of an equality of people in respect to knowledge? Being told by someone that you won't be equal to them until you have a Master's Degree is like saying, "You have to get a piece of paper to be equal with me intellectually."

What about wisdom in relation to life experience and specific interest knowledge? That person is by far more excelled in their interests than I and most likely will continue to be forever, unless I try to learn more about their related work. The same applies to me, I may be years younger than they - but I am sure to know more than them about my field of work. I will say in relation to life experience I always do give the benefit to age, unless they have learned nothing from their years of living. I feel sorry for that type of person. If you don't learn from life, why live at all? (This post is most likely out of the ordinary for what will come, I generally speak a bit more randomly with deeper meanings to just about everything. I just had to get this out of my system.)

In conclusion, I don't think they should make me work to get to their level, they should teach me what they know if they truly want me to be their equal.

"Corvus corax"


The journey begins. My mind wanders for a topic I should start with. As of this moment nothing comes to mind, well - the world comes to mind but I refuse to write of the world. It would never end. Here is my eloquent beginning.

Where there is a beginning. There will be an end. Death or decay of remembrance will end this blog.