Saturday, March 12, 2011


Who are we to speak of an equality of people in respect to knowledge? Being told by someone that you won't be equal to them until you have a Master's Degree is like saying, "You have to get a piece of paper to be equal with me intellectually."

What about wisdom in relation to life experience and specific interest knowledge? That person is by far more excelled in their interests than I and most likely will continue to be forever, unless I try to learn more about their related work. The same applies to me, I may be years younger than they - but I am sure to know more than them about my field of work. I will say in relation to life experience I always do give the benefit to age, unless they have learned nothing from their years of living. I feel sorry for that type of person. If you don't learn from life, why live at all? (This post is most likely out of the ordinary for what will come, I generally speak a bit more randomly with deeper meanings to just about everything. I just had to get this out of my system.)

In conclusion, I don't think they should make me work to get to their level, they should teach me what they know if they truly want me to be their equal.

"Corvus corax"

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