Friday, March 18, 2011

I think I saw you in my sleep. Darling.

Time drifts without sides clear mark,
Bringing new challenges, goals, and victories.
Each day begins differently than it ends,
Night merely resetting the mind for better and worse.
Will time ever stop this cycle,
Or will eternity be spent creating and destroying?
There must be a point to everything that happens,
Without a point chaos would be the ruler of mankind.
Then again chaos is shown every day,
Focused upon as though there is no other way.
That seems a pessimistic thing to say,
Though it could be optimism hidden in shades of grey.
Perhaps mankind emphasizes the bad in order to fix it,
Regardless of meaning it shows man to have a goal.
Destruction or Reclamation.
I hope it is the latter.
I feel it is the former.

'Cryptobranchus alleganiensis'

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